New, More Effective Ways of Succeeding with B2B Marketing

By | June 1, 2017

Marketing is never easy, and it often turns out to be most difficult when certain kinds of clients are sought. In the sphere of consumer-facing marketing, for example, veteran marketers invariably develop ideas about which demographics are most challenging to target. On the other hand, some believe that the whole field of business-to-business, or B2B, marketing is filled with challenges of especially imposing sorts. Oftentimes, though, what it takes to break through to potential B2B customers is simply a change of approach.

One fact that can never be avoided is that B2B buyers tend to be quite a bit more informed, skeptical, and careful with their purchases than are consumers. The length of the average B2B buying cycle has been growing steadily for years, thanks to the interjection of more stakeholders into the typical process. With consolidation and increasing scale becoming even more the norm, accepting this reality and finding ways of working within it profitably has become a top priority for every ambitious B2B marketer.

Given that conclusion, a few simple followups have started to become clearly worth investigating. One especially interesting option, in many cases, is to make more use of video marketing assets, as these often prove to be exactly what is needed to succeed in the modern B2B environment. Just as video has turned out to be an especially powerful tool for marketing to consumers, so can its persuasiveness and basic appeal end up being useful for almost any kind of B2B marketing campaign.

That alone would make the option appealing to many, but there are other reasons to be optimistic about it, as well. For example, b2b video production has become a lot simpler and more affordable in recent years, meaning that a tool that is increasingly recognized as powerful and effective is also steadily becoming more accessible. In fact, many studios today are now so experienced with B2B production projects that they can offer their clients service of a more or less hands-off style. While that will not always be the best option to pursue, having it available makes it that much more likely that a new video asset can be commissioned and deployed to support an ongoing B2B marketing campaign.